• 1.1 - University GameDev League is a competition for university students organized by Nine66 together with its partners and sponsor partners. The goal of this competition is for Universities Students to showcase their skills and become aware of the work of other Game Dev Students around the Globe.
  • 1.2 - By participating in this competition the participant agrees that the personal information collected from participants connected with University Gamedev League competition can be used by Nine66 and its partners within the competition communications.
  • 1.3 - University GameDev League 2022/23 competition goes from March to August 2023.


  • 2.1 - Organizer : Nine66, a company registered in Saudi Arabia that is creating an integrated support system for game developers across the globe, providing infrastructure, skills development, network and advisory services to game developers and studios.
  • 2.2 - Partners: companies or organizations that will work with Nine66 to organize this contest.
  • 2.3 - Sponsors Partners: Companies and/or organizations supporting the competition financially or with content and awards in return for brand exposure and engagement.
  • 2.4 - University: Recognised higher education institutions from any country.
  • 2.5 - Team: Group of participants.
  • 2.6 - Participant: A university student, faculty, alumni or a team member who are registered to participate in the competition.
  • 2.7 - Public: Any user registered on the website.
  • 2.8 - Jury: Jury members are individuals invited by the organizer and its partners to evaluate each task.
  • 2.9 - Season: University GameDev League 2022/23


  • 3.1 - Any University can register to participate in the Competition by registering on the competition’s website.
  • 3.2 - Each university can put forward multiple teams.
  • 3.3 - The contact person from each University is responsible for submitting the registration form for each team and its team members (participants) so that they can complete their team and personal profiles.


  • 4.1 - The minimum number of team members is 3, and the maximum number of team members allowed is 10.
  • 4.2 - The participant fills up all required submission forms with genuine information.
  • 4.3 - The team will retain full rights to any Code, art, IP generated during the completion of a task. Nevertheless the Organizer and its partners are granted a perpetual non-exclusive royalty-free license to reproduce, display and use in media and PR communication of the assets created within each task.
  • 4.4 - The team will accept full responsibility for any claims represented to the Organizer by Third Parties regarding the task or any other material submitted by the team.
  • 4.5 - All participants must be university students, faculty, alumni or have other connections to the University forming the team.
  • 4.6 - Team members can be replaced, added or removed during the league until the end of Season by notifying the Organizer in writing.
  • 4.7 - By registering for the league, the participant allows the Organizer to contact the participant via e-mail about matters related to the competition.


  • 5.1 - All tasks will be given by the Organizer with the following parameters: description, date, output format, prize, jury members.
  • 5.2 - The tasks are divided into two types: Online and Presentation. The Presentation is the final task only available to finalists.
  • 5.3 - The submitted task must not include offensive, discriminatory, or Not Safe for Work content of any kind.
  • 5.4 - The official used language in the competition is English. Submissions in other languages will NOT be considered.
  • 5.5 - The task itself must be made within the task announcement period, and no tasks or updates may be submitted after the due date.
  • 5.6 - You may use pre-made, publicly available, and purchased assets, as well as any other assets you have the legal rights to use.
  • 5.7 - Teams can upload multiple entries per task, only the recently submitted entry will be evaluated.
  • 5.8 - The Organizer reserves the right to refuse an application or remove a task, team, or participant from the competition at any point, including but not limited to fraudulent participation information, inappropriate or unsuitable content, missing crucial task submission information or content, or any other breach of these rules by the participant.


  • 6.1 - Votes are cast by 3 categories of evaluators: Jury, Participants and Public.
  • 6.2 - Each category evaluator will count for 1/3 of the votes.
  • 6.3 - Votes are cast by sorting the games by rank from 1-x with x being the total number of tasks uploaded by teams participating in a task.
  • 6.4 - Jury and Participants will vote during a specified time, once during the task period, public voting is open continuously.
  • 6.5 - Public can vote only based on registration to avoid duplicate votes.
  • 6.6 - Jury members for a specific task will be announced at the time of the task release.
  • 6.7 - All evaluations are visible to the public on the public leaderboard at any time.


  • 7.1 - Each task includes a task prize that will be allocated to the winning team.
  • 7.2 - At the end of the Online tasks period, the top 2 teams will be invited to the Finale in Riyadh.
  • 7.3 - The teams invited to the Finale will be provided with 6 travel packages to Riyadh that include 5 team members and 1 university representative. Each travel package includes 1 economy class ticket to Riyadh and back to the team’s destination, and 4 nights accommodation in Riyadh.
  • 7.4 - The next voting team will be selected if a team selected to the finals cannot participate in person within two weeks of notification.